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Hooshang Farahani

Hooshang Farahani


Hooshang Farahani

Hooshang Farahani was born in 1967 in Farahan.
He passed elementary and intermediate school in Tehran and Karaj.

Graduated in psychology and educational science from university.
He has been deeply attached in music and literature since his teen ages, and
it made him learn the tar and Setar very soon, then he got used to foundation
and principles of composition.
He starts his professional activities in about 1989 with composing for two
dramatic plays.
He wrote investigational essay collection about music’s history, biography of
artists, music therapy and also use of music in psychology. These articles have
also been translated in English and issued in several publications.
Playing and compose in several orchestral work which is in the public hand’s

He published book selection of Master Gholamhossein
in 2002 which is including transcription of 32 pieces.

Transcribing 110 songs of Master Esmail Navabsafa in Takderakht
book that published in 2002.

He published the book Shabcheragh which contain collection of
۲۰ pieces and exercises for the tar and setar on 2004.

The book Narenj o Torang (Farahan’s fiction) was published on
Publishing work:

Children’s songs

Tanscribing of Master Esmail Mehrtash songs.

Translating biography of James Joyce.

Soloist setar for the Radif of Master Esmail Mertash and vocalize by
Mohammad Montasheri.

Publishing cassette Aeene & Aftab (mirror and sun).

Co-operation with Master Mohammdreza Lotfi to write and publishing Hossien Ya haghi’s Radif.

Notation of Master Mohammad Reza Lotfi opus collection.

Hooshang farahani has done in many concert in Tehran and other cities in iran
and played an important role to present Iranians all over the worlds in past
years. He performs numerous concert in different countries of the world contain of:

Australia concert singing HengameAkhavan on 2002.

Sweden concert singing Hengame Akhavan on 2003.

Italy concert singing Hengame Akhavan on 2004.

Paris concert in theater De La Ville on 2004.

The Austrian concert in folk theater in Vienna on 2004.

Emarate Arab union concert.

Sweden concert signing Rohangiz on 2005.

Sweden concert signing Rohangiz on 2006.

Germany concert signig Rohangiz on 2006.

Poland concert (Third festival of cultures contact) in Warsaw singing Rohangiz
on 2006.

Poland concert festivals of old music participate with Alireza Javaheri and
Mohammad Rasoli on 2007.

Poland concert singing Bahram Sarang in Warsaw on 2007.

Austrian concert singing Bahram Sarang in Vienna on 2007.

One of the branches that he is used to during past years is train and propagates
Persian music in shyeda music school located in Karaj.

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