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Behnaz Zakeri

Behnaz Zakeri

Behnaz Zakeri Was born in 1949 in Tehran

Started learning Music & Santour in Tehran with Arfa Atraei from 1962

Started advanced music studies of Santour and Persian classical music with Master Faramarz Payvar

Started learning Tombak with Master Mohammad Esmaili in 1965

Graduated from Tehran Art University in music studies in 1976

Masters in University : Dr Daryoush Safvat , Dr Nourali Borumand , Dr Mohammad Taghi Masoudiyeh , Dr Hormoz Farhat , Alireza Mashayakhi , Mrs Barkeshli , Mostafa Kamal Pourtorab & Ahmad Pejman

Participation with Masters Nourodin Razavi Sarvestani , Shahram nazeri , Mohammad Reza Shajarian in Festival of art in Tous – Mashhad

Participation with Master Fereydoun Shahbazian in the Radio Orchestra & performed in many pieces in this orchestra

Participation with Master farhad Fakhredini in Vaziri Orchestra

Participation with Master Mehdi Meftah in National instruments orchestra

Participation with master Mohammadreza Lotfi & Hassan Nahid in the Somaee triditional ensemble

Participation with Hengameh Akhavan & formed a ensemble for women in 1991

Formed the Golbang ensemble & performed concert in Paris in 1992

Performed many concerts in France , Germany , Austria , Belgium , Romania & Greece

 Performed many concerts in many countries from 1992-1998 in Philippine , Australia , Portugal , Russia , Hungary ,

Switzerland , Slovakia , Turkey & Germany

Participation with Master farhad Fakhredini in the national orchestra since 2000 , About 10 years

Audio works

Shour Nava

Shour & Sheydaei No 1

Shour & Sheydayi No 2

Parvaz No 1

Parvaz No 2


Shour & Sheydayi


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