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Bahman Rajabi

Bahman Rajabi

Bahman Rajabi

Bahman Rajabi was born 1939 in Rasht.

He is a proficient Tonbak player-author-scholar- excellent orator and also a serious critic in culture of Iranian music.

His written works are some wide research about considering Rhythm and Sociological analysis in art of music which these researches were published in two volumes of a book named (Tonbak and aspect of Rhythmic attitude).

From the other written works we can mention a book in 3 seasons:

  1. Whether each Tonbak player is required to be an artist?
  2. Music ban in Islam
  3. Sociology of rhythm

Also two books in educational field were published by Bahman Rajabi including:

Tonbak-Training. Primary and Secondary levels

Tonbak-Training. Advanced and high-advanced levels

He performed many concert in solo – duet and in accompaniment with melodic instruments.

Gofteguye chap va rast (Dialogue of left and right hand) and dar ghafas (in the cage) which is the rhythmic Visualization of a melody by Abolhasan saba are two famous pieces played by Bahman Rajabi. He has also made some notable innovations in the art of Tonbak especially in expansion of playing techniques by using logical methods such as renovation some pieces of Amir-naser Eftetah and Hossien Tehrani.

He believes the art of playing Tonbak is a fine and outstanding art. And over the years by performing myriad concert and speech was going to maintain a certain value and dignity for this instrument. Also his powerful and elegance performing were lead to a new structure and method in art of playing Tonbak.

According to the validity and value of his works of art he can be considered father of modern art of playing Tonbak in Iran.


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