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Alireza Banaei

Alireza Banaei

Alireza Banaei was born in 1974 in Tehran

Started learning music & Santour from 1988 with Saeed Nasoudi

Studied the advanced course of Santour with Master Masoud Shenasa

Studied the Tar methods with Master Bahram Saed & Zeydollah Toluee

Studied the advanced course of Tar methods with Master Hossain Alizadeh & Hooshang Zarif

Studied The Setar Methods with Master Jalal Zolfonun

Studied the Music Theory with Hamid Panahi

Studied the Harmony & Counterpoint with Mater Farhad Fakhredini & Hossain Dehlavi

Studied the method of Radif for vocalists with Master Ahmad Ebrahimi

Performed many concerts in Iran from 2004

Recorded 20 pieces for Tar from Master Hooshang Zarif with Nafir ensemble in 2009


Pieces for Tar From Master Hooshang Zarif

Radif of Master Ali Akbar Shahnazi for Santour – Rast Panjgah

Az Zakhmeh ta Mezrab – Pieces from Master Jalal Zolfonun arranged for Santour

Biography from Master Ahmad Ebrahimi

Khorush Mandegar – Ali Akbar Shahnazi’s pieces arranged for Santour

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