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Ahmad Mostanbet

Ahmad Mostanbet

Ahmad Mostanbet

Ahmad Mostanbet was born in 1980 in Tehran.

Started learning Tonbak with Daryoush Es-haghi and after that Jamshid Mohebi – Naser Farhangfar and Bahman Rajabi.

Studied  theory of music with Arash Azadeh.

Started music activities in Mashhad with Zarbahang ensemble & performed manyconcerts  in  Khorasan province

Participation with Hengameh Akhavan & Bahar ensemble & performed many concerts in Australia  ۲۰۰۲

Participation with Bahman Rajabi & Chakad ensemble & performed many concert allover Iran.

Participation with Kayvan Saket & Vaziri ensemble & performed many concerts.

Performed concert with  Masoud Shoari.

Participation with Mohammadreza Lotfi & Sheyda ensemble & performed concert in Tehran & Shiraz

Performed concert in trilogy of sheyda (Restructuring group)

Cooperation in recording music in some cassettes & CDs:

Arghavan Duet for Kamanche & Tombak & other Persian percussion instruments with Ebrahim Naghdian

CD of the Bahar ensemble & Hengameh Akhavan recorded in Australia – Sydney

An suye Ab va Gel (Beyond of Water & Mud) – Kayvan Saket

Suz & Godaz – Duet for Ney & Tombak – Hassan Kiyaninejad

Ezterab (Anguish) Pieces for Tombak & other Percussion instruments

Vatanam Iran (My home Iran) – Mohammadreza Lotfi & Sheyda ensemble

Sayeye jan (shadow of soul) – sheyda ensemble

Honar-e-gaam-e-zaman (art of improvisation) – Sheyda ensemble

Shabrovan- Mohammad Reza Lotfi

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