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Avaye Chakad – A selection of Bahman Rajabi & Chakad ensemble’s performance

Avaye Chakad – A selection of Bahman Rajabi & Chakad ensemble’s performance

This CD,  the first published work by the Avaye Chakad institute of arts and culture, is meant to commend and applaud a half century  of ceaseless effort by a genuine teacher, Bahman Rajabi a master of percussion (Specifically the Tonbak) in Iran.

It may truly be asserted that Bahman Rajabi has covered a rough and lengthy path in the area of Iranian musical culture, whether by his contemplation and research on social factors and their effects on the art of music, in speech and writing, or by his teachings, all with deep faith and conviction.

Although he commenced his work and made most of his efforts in an age where pure art was to be found only in the hearts and minds of a handful of dedicated fellow travelers, living a life of  adversity and lack of material comfort, but he lives as he thinks and he thinks as he lives. He performed and he learnt in constant solitude, but managed to tune the rhythm of his life with his masterful fingers and hands. Thus there exist today a considerable number of expert artists, students of his school and style, and there is a large body of aspiring artists infatuated with his style and method of performing on the Tonbak.

Intricacies of performance, innovation in a variety of rhythms, variations in the mode and techniques of performance and the expansion of motifs in multiple variations are some features of Bahman Rajabi’s style.

The selected pieces in this work were composed by Colonel Alinaqi Vaziri, Parviz Meshkatiyan and Reza Shafi’ian each of them having played a major and persistent role in the music of Iran. They all were undoubtedly among the finest and most popular artists of their time and Iran’s music is heavily indebted to them.

It’s must be mentioned that the included compositions of master Reza Shafi’ian have been performed by himself on Santoor (Iranian dulcimer) in a duet with Bahman Rajabi many years ago and also the other pieces of this collection have been previously performed by Parviz Meshkatiyan, master Santoor player and Hosein Alizadeh, master Tar player with Bahman Rajabi accompanying on Tonbak.

Avaye Chakad institute of arts and culture welcomes the participation of Bahman Rajabi in these new performances and dedicates the collection to all artists, art lovers and enlightened spirits.

It is hoped that we are able in this way to add lasting works to the already immensely wealthy treasure of Iranian musical culture.

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